Get In Your Car. Stay In Your Car. Experience CityView Drive-In.

Toronto’s culture thrives on live experiences, music, arts and entertainment. As a city, we’ve bred world class talent and attracted some of the biggest names in entertainment. Since March, we’ve missed out on the beauty of live performance and we’re ready to have this aspect of our lives back…introducing CityView Drive-In. Presenting concerts, movie nights, corporate events and more, CityView is an entirely contactless experience in the parking lot of 20 Polson Street.

From the safety of your own vehicle, capture world class talent on a massive 238-foot stage with the Toronto skyline in the background. You can bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages, or you can order through us and we’ll deliver your order right to your vehicle, so there’s virtually no need to step outside.

Contactless, seamless, safe & physically distanced. CityView Drive-In is Toronto’s newest outdoor concert and entertainment venue.

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How it Works

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Purchase your ticket online in advance

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Drive with your close friends and family members to 20 Polson Street parking lot

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Pull into your designated spot and enjoy the show from the safety and comfort of your own vehicle

Merch + Food

Merchandise and food is made available on a per event basis.

Food can be ordered on-site from a rotating selection of Toronto's finest gourmet food trucks. Once you have found your parking space, you may exit your vehicle and place your order directly from the trucks. The food trucks are parked on the south side of the lot and can be accessed via the entrance along the fence. Please wear a mask if you visit the food trucks.

Merchandise may be available for purchase depending on the event and performers. Once you have found your parking space, you may exit your vehicle and place your order directly at the merch tent. The merch tent is also located near the food trucks, on the south side of the lot accessed through the entrance along the fence. Please wear a mask if you visit the merch tent.


For other inquiries, please contact

How Are Tickets Sold/Priced?

This varies depending on the event. Please check our show listings for Ticketmaster info on specific shows.

Are we required to wear face coverings inside our cars?

Not while inside cars.

Are we required to wear face coverings outside our cars?

Please wear face coverings when outside cars or outside parking space when visiting restrooms and anywhere on site.

Will face coverings be sold at the door?

No, you must bring your own.

How is the event priced?

Tickets are sold per vehicle and priced based on the number of occupants (with a minimum of two occupants). Refer to individual event listings for further information.

Will tickets be available at the venue?

Yes, unless the show is sold out in advance - please check our website.

Is this a cashless event to minimize touch points?

Touchless transactions will be implemented at ticket scanning and elsewhere when possible to minimize any direct contact.

What is the speed limit?

5 MPH at all times.

How many people per car?

Minimum 2 persons per vehicle. Maximum based on vehicle type (there must be a seat and seatbelt for each passenger).

Can we reserve spots next to friends?

All spots are reserved for that ticket purchaser unless specified in advance. If a show is General Admission there is no saving spots.

Will I be able to leave anytime during the event or are we stuck in our spot until the end?

All exits are final.

I have a small car, How can I ensure that my view will not be blocked by a larger vehicle such as a truck or van?

We will do our best to ensure large vehicles do not obstruct sightlines.

Can I bring an umbrella?

Yes, only for use while walking to washrooms.

Can I bring patio or lawn furniture?


What if my car battery dies during the event?

If your vehicle battery gets drained during the show, we do have jump boxes available at the concession area. You must have a valid drivers license to use the jump box.

Can I leave my car and lights on?

If your engine is loud it must be turned off and your lights must be turned off at all times while you are parked.

Busses & Multi-Passenger Vans?

No vehicles larger than SUVs

Are outside food and non-alcoholic beverages allowed?

Yes, or you can purchase from our food trucks on-site.

Can I bring alcohol?


Are we able to purchase food and beverages at the venue?

Yes. There will be food trucks on site for every event.

Will we be able to broadcast the audio through our car speakers?

Yes, you will be notified of the FM frequency at the show.

Can I rent or purchase a radio?


How do I use the bathroom?

Patrons will be allowed use of bathrooms inside Rebel . These will be cleaned constantly, cones will be used to ensure social distancing. Limited people allowed in at a time and you must stay 6ft apart.

Are kids allowed? - What is the age restriction?

Yes. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Is smoking allowed?

No smoking in or around restrooms. If you would like to smoke in your vehicle you can but please be considerate of those around you. Please do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground.

Can I bring my pets?

No pets allowed.

Do I have to wear a shirt and shoes?

Shoes and shirts are required at all times.

I've already purchased a ticket for my vehicle but have others that want to join. How can I buy/add more tickets for my vehicle?

You can absolutely add more passengers to your vehicle, but all occupants must have a ticket. Please contact Ticketmaster Customer Service at and request an Additional Occupant Ticket Add-on.

Do I need a car to attend a show?

Yes. You need a vehicle to attend a show at CityView Drive-In. Walk-ins are not permitted.

Can I attend a show by bicycle or motorcycle?

No. Only enclosed vehicles are permitted at CityView Drive-In. Fans must remain seated in their vehicle at all times.


20 Polson Street Toronto, ON M5A 1A4

Take Lakeshore Blvd to Cherry St. Head south on Cherry St and continue over the bridge until you reach Polson St. Stay in the curb lane and make a right onto Polson St. Follow the curb lane to the CityView entrance (approximately half-way up Polson Street on the right). If there is a line-up of cars entering when you arrive please join the line on Cherry Street before turning onto Polson St.


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